Vernal Equinox 2001


Sabina C. Becker lives in Cobourg, Ontario (Canada). She has been published both online and in print, most recently in Cafe Irreal and Exquisite Corpse. She is working on a science fiction novel and > numerous shorter projects.

Secondary Logo Our Lady of the Bats
Sabina C. Becker

At midnight, she walks
   without fear of the dark
   in the caves.

                  The bats, attracted
                 to her dusky inner light,
                 circle her head, alight

                 on her long black hair
                 and metamorphose
                 into a dark and fluttering halo.

                 On her outstretched arms,
                 raised in salute to the night,
                 they hangó

                 little Christs on a cross
                 of living flesh,
                 always able to fly free

                 before the hammer and nails
                 strike home, before the clock
                 strikes one, before the flittermice

                 fall down.


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"Our Lady of the Bats"
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