Autumnal Equinox 2001


Christine DeLong Miller is the author of Blood Born, an electronic novel of horrific suspense published by Atlantic Bridge Publishing. Blood Born was a finalist in the 2001 EPPIE Awards for Best New Horror and was also nominated for the Sime~Gen Reviewer's Choice Award. Christine is also the author of Wishful Thinking, a novel of romantic paranormal suspense, published by Atlantic Bridge Publishing (also available in trade paperback). She has had some of her short work included in the anthologies Cemetery Sonata and Cemetery Sonata II, published by Chameleon Publishing and The Kiss of Death, published by The Design Image Group, Inc. Her poetry and short work has appeared on many sites on the web. She is currently at work on her third novel and also was recently added to the writing staff at Dream Lover Fantasies.

Secondary Logo Damned
Christine DeLong Miller

J ndead souls lie in their semblance of sleep.
In dark, dank tombs they sequester.
Lost to all but their kind, they weep
               In the gloom and the murk where they fester.

               When the blood red sun bows down to the night,
               In the hush of dusk, they awake.
               Hunger upon them like a blight,
               They fly into the night, a cast of wraiths.

               In heated rage of lust, the undead feed,
               Tears of blood raining down with the pain.
               Quenching thirst they are forced to heed,
               Crying out into the darkness in vain.


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