Autumnal Equinox 2001


Jeannie Eddy is a Midwast writer who still believes in white picket fences and fairytales, despite her fascination with darkness.

She writes both fiction and nonfiction shorts, and is currently working on her fourth novel.

Secondary Logo Withered
Jeannie Eddy

J ithered flowers
like shadows of the past
lay across the pillow of my heart

               Empty spaces
               yawning in the dark
               let me know we'll always be apart

               Tearful glances
               resurrect the passage
               of a bullet that has nowhere else to go

               Final silence
               echoes off the quiet
               leaving me with nothing else to know


Blood Rose Home © 2001 Jeannie Eddy, all rights reserved

Autumnal Equinox 2001 Issue, Updated November 16, 2001

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Copyright © 2001 Jeannie Eddy, all rights reserved.