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Kevin L. Donihe

Kevin L. Donihe has been accepted into over 140 magazines/anthologies in 10 countries. Venues include The Mammoth Book of Legal Thrillers, Asylum 3: The Quiet Ward, Roadworks, Enigmatic Tales, Nasty Piece of Work, Darkness Rising, Star*Line, Cemetery Sonata II, Not One of Us, The Dream Zone, and many others. His novel, Shall We Gather at the Garden was released by Eraserhead Press.

Kevin also edits BARE BONE.


J It stains me, this birthmark I've earned
the stigmata
of a thousand accusing voices
              it feeds off cold beds
              and silent phones
              but no more
              -- I'm giving back society's gift

              The sandpaper turns pink then red
              (what pretty droplets fall)
              crimson jets become
              stamens on blue floral tile
              pain blossoms into new life
              should be satisfying


              Smile's gone
              (maybe it was never there)
              don't have to look
              to feel liquid darkness
              tattoo swirls on white bone

              Drop paper
              to raise the blade
              reflecting incandescence
              (spots dance before my eyes
              whirling dervishes)
              how foolish I was to believe
              the root of pain lies only skin deep



Blood Rose Home © 2003 Kevin L. Donihe, all rights reserved

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"Skin Deep"
Copyright © 2003 Kevin L. Donihe, all rights reserved.