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W.B. Vogel loves being an enigma, drawing his inspiration from a reverence for the night and artistic/poetic horror. "It's about ferocity and beauty--staring into a radiant abyss and seeing God and nothingness," Vogel states.

W. B. Vogel's recent publication credits include Twilight Times, Eternal Night, Scavenger's Newsletter, and Black Satellite. His first e-book, No Man's Land, was published by Twilight Times Books in July 2002 and is also available at eBookAd. He also writes a column, Theories In Chaos, for The Eternal Night website.

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"It is not a matter of survival of the fittest, but of the fiercest."
      ----W.B. Vogel, circa 1999 A.D.



a sound recording by EVANESCENCE

Review by W. B. Vogel

Thursday, March 13, 2003 A.D.

When one looks longs into the darkness, it stares into the depths of your soul as well. This abysmal introspection builds the beautiful ruins of truth. Just such a stark glory is what shines in the band Evanescence. The Little Rock, Arkansas band's sophomore release, "Fallen" [Wind-Up Records], is the most amazing effort I heard in aeons.

Evanescence is the most stunning Gothic Metal band I have ever heard--Amy Lee's angelic, pristine vocals soar over emotional, ethereal instrumentals ranging from the soft and sorrowful to the dark, heavy melees of aggression. Elements of the Evanescence sound include Industrial inflections, seldom used shrieking growls (male), clean male vocals, orchestra instruments, keyboards, piano, and choirs. The lyrics are poetic, sorrowful, and at times deeply spiritual.

Evanescence is not brutal, but is darkly heavy. They could very easily be the breakthrough Goth/Alternative Metal band to shake this artistically stagnate age from its deathlike repose. (And it's about time.)

The most brilliant of these stunning cuts include the powerful "Bring Me To Life," "Going Under," the mournful "Haunted," "Hello," and the dreadful beauty of "My Last Breath." Evanescence is ethereal--having an eerie, sublime radiance that transcends genres and words.

In conclusion, Evanescence has created a true masterpiece in "Fallen." This is the, the best debut of 2003, and maybe even the best release of the year. It is that good.

Stay savage. Farewell.


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