Voices from the Darkness Imbolc 2002
You are number DarkCounter to listen in the darkness.



21 May 2002 Revision

Fiction & Poetry

Lost (part one)

          Holly Catanzarita

(Complete in itself)
When Cathy Landers woke up in a swamp with no memory of where she was or how she got there, she had no idea just how lost she was!

A Charm in the Night

          Mary Musselman

Sarette finds the lover of her dreams, but is he also the beast of her nightmares?


        K. L. McPherson

Ben discovers in the big picture that sometimes what goes around in the past comes back around in the present!


          Julie Shiel

Kneeling on the grave of a lost loved one, what do you think about?



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We've had a rebuttal to Marc's opinion on Hollywood horror and the Blair Witch Project. Watch for it soon. It goes up before June!

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