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The Etching

John Hayes

John is a regionally recognized photographer and actor. He likes reading and listening to poems at open mics where he hears some really great and some awful stuff. He's been published about a hundred times and is currently at work on his first screenplay.


JURMURS WAKE ME in the gloom of night
shadows slither across my bed
blood races in my veins.

                  Talons grasp my arms and feet
                  fangs tear into my breast
                  abstract my heart.

                  Tongues scrape into my reddening wound
                  scars sew my healing chest.

                  Genetic phantoms dance in my fevered head
                  Ancestral visions rip my soul.

                  I howl into the brunette sky.



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The Etching"
Copyright © 2001 John Hayes, all rights reserved.