Voices from the Darkness Summer Solstice 2002
You are number DarkCounter to listen in the darkness.



6 September 2002 Revision

Fiction & Poetry

Gnarlets and Gorslings

          S. Lawrence Parrish

How will you defend yourself after all Hell breaks loose? Steve Parrish returns to our pages with a new tale of a different kind of holocaust.


          Paul Melniczek

All kids need to feel accepted. Tommy finds a quick way to get that acceptance, but at what cost?

The Fifth Day

        Darren Speegle

When signs and wonders are late, does that invalidate their truth?

My Thesis on Vampirism

          Nancy Hayes

What, when there is no accountability, will eternal life bring?

The Etching

          John Hayes

When night brings change, what will become of us?


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NEW: Neil Gaiman's already classic Smoke and Mirrors, reviewed by Mark Worthen.

NEW: Tim Lebbon's The Nature of Balance, reviewed by Lee Cushing.

NEW: ONE OF YOU RESPONDED to my editorial about Hollywood producing crap in the horror industry these days. See what Jeremy Gwinn has to say here!


But Marc has reserved the right to a surrebuttal of his own! Watch for it in September.

                                                M. W.

Anybody go to NeCon? How was it? We'd sure like a report for the newsletter! [See below left!] Respond here if you're willing!

Please join us in offering condolences to our pals at DarkTales Publications and Sinisteria Webzine. DarkTales has already closed their publishing arm, and Sinisteria is shutting down later this year.

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