Blood Rose

Voices from the Darkness

Vernal Equinox 2001

Volume 3         Number 1


Blood Rose is Quarterly! Look for a new issue in June.



by DF Lewis

Ever find something in your basement
that you absolutely remembered
putting there but couldn't identify?

You never know just what your causality is going to be linked to!


by Lester Thees

Kitty, Kitty

by S. Lawrence Parrish

They say what goes around comes around.
Sometimes it comes around in unexpected ways!
This story is rated NC-17

He wanted his brain to survive, but who could have guessed the terrible purpose they would put it to!

The Believer

by Michael R. Gist



Our Lady of the Bats

by Sabina C. Becker

Loved by flying creatures of the darkness, she walks the caverns alone.

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