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Editorial by Mark Worthen

This is the first "professional" issue.

What that means is now we offer professional rates of $.03 per word for at least one story in the magazine. We are proud to be able to offer this, and we were all excited -- it is a very big deal for us.

But we have a ways to go yet. I'd like to thank all our constant readers and loyal fans and wonderful contributors past and future who stay with us despite all the upheavals in professional organizations and changes in the rules. It's heartening to get the letters that say, "Nice site," or "You're doing an excellent job." Those comments are wonderful to hear.

The internet is a medium that sometimes does not allow for feedback. You cast your bread upon the waters one-way, and you can't see the reaction. You buy stories and hope people will like. Few take the time even to write us and say "You suck," and we don't have sales figures to let us know.

But more and more of you wonderful folks have been letting us know. So we'll keep up the work and continue providing the kind of fiction we'd like to read.

This month, we have a new feature. Shannon Riley brings us an article informing us of the women who write horror. Have you ever wondered? There are quite a few!

Our first story, "The Honesty of Scars," by Gary W. Conner, takes us on a trip through a dying man's final days. And beyond. Jeremy Shipp's "The Want," shows us the evolution of a creature's need to a creature's offer. Mary K. Wilson's "What Lora Saw" offers us a chilling view of "need to know."

In the poetry section, Bruce Boston returns with a story that could be about many inhabitants of the internet entitled "The Dread Correspondent." Finally, Kevin Donihe takes us below the surface in "Skin Deep.

We're very excited about all the pieces in this issue and hope you will be too.

And leave the light on!


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Autumnal Equinox Issue, Updated September 21, 2003

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