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Christina Sng


he little ones are less self-aware -
That is our rationale for experimenting
On them. They have less to regret and
                Less to lose, fearing nothing but pain.

                And the pain and anguish to Mommy and Daddy?
                No worries. They are only taken from criminals
                Or those found with a propensity for crime.
                Like those Public Nuisances, or Public Pee-ers,
                Those who pull flowers from their neighbour's gardens,
                And those who scream, and run amok like weeds.

                Parents who wish to earmark their children
                For experimentation merely need to ignore
                Or neglect them, and allow them to annoy
                Any adult, preferably an acquisitions officer.

                So far we have yielded unparalleled results,
                Our 100 year-old citizens now look and feel
                No more than 40, and we have successfully
                Implanted free radical eradicants into the bodies
                Of our 150 year-olds.

                There is no longer any need for large quantities
                Of birth to sustain population rate. Citizens are
                Permitted to have one child to keep if they pass
                The Citizen's Philosophy Programme with no less
                Than A+ for all 20 modules. Their genes must
                Also be given a stamp of approval from the
                Board of Genetics and Population Control.

                When we are finally fit
                To inhabit the Moon and Mars,
                Such restrictions may be lifted.
                But for now and the good of all
                Who already exist, this is the mandate.

                Long live humanity.


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